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The Academy

Do you want to make yourself the best tennis player you can be? At The Academy players work with goals in all aspects of their development. Technical, tactical, physical and mental. We work in small groups or one-to-one to intensify the process. Tournament programmes are made to let you develop and play at the level where you learn from losing and gain confidence from your victories. Coaching during tournaments is included in our programmes.

“I have more than 35 years of experience as a trainer/coach at the high-performance level. Together we work on the details.

About me

I have more than 35 years of experience as a trainer/coach at the high-performance level. I worked as a National Coach at the Dutch Tennis Federation (KNLTB). Later I worked as a trainer/coach with several players from Belarus who played on the WTA Tour (from WTA 49 to WTA 424). 

From 2004-2019, I ran my own tennis academy with a number of colleagues in the centre of the Netherlands, including top tennis groups. 

Our programs

To become the best of yourself, you need to practice on a regular basis. That means you have to make hours on the practice courts. We have different types of programs to help you to improve and reach your goals. For more information and fine tuning, ask for a tailor made program.

Individual practice
Working on technical and tactical goals with video analysis.

Group practice
Practice with other players with the same goals: become better every practice. Work hard in a good atmosphere and push each other to a higher level.

Fitness training
Everything you need to move better, stay focussed, recover faster will be part of the fitness program.

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